Hey, what’s up? Some year, huh? So, most of my friends are now under or unemployed or at least abandoned by society because I guess politicians decided that we don’t value independent restaurants. I guess we knew that. What’s the value in being the largest private sector industry in the country? Not much apparently.

But no need to get off to a negative start. This is a fun site. I’m fun.

We had a tornado hit our warehouse. Not head on, but I have to be honest, it’s not great. It’s Thanksgiving week in the year of our dark lord 2020 and there’s a whole lot of wine that I can’t access because of a natural disaster. I mean, hey, it’s just wine right? But wine is life, too. It’s jobs, it’s income, it’s nature bottled for the future. Good news: they’re still making it. I’m still selling it. We’ll get thorough this. In the meantime, since I can only barely ship out all the wine I need to, thought I’d freshen up the old website. I’ll link the URL to my socials and use this site to post updates about what I have going on that I think people should tune into. I send emails like that sometimes, but who knows what happens to those. So, my posts will be like emails except you chose to come here and read them. So, that’s kind of on you, right? Right.

Seriously, thanks for stopping by. Drink well and wear a mask.

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